Culture is just as important to a business’ success as cash flow. For any organisation to grow and prosper, it needs to build an atmosphere where staff feel supported and are able to talk about what’s holding them back.

Consequently, a workplace where health is prioritised often generates better-performing staff.

This blog looks at four ways that more progressive brands are improving well-being in the office environment – and why you should always look to join these types of companies.


Choose hours that suit you

The 9-5 is dead (or it should be). You need to be getting the rest that’s necessary for good performance whilst also hitting a fair work-life balance. The best solution? Flexible hours.

With adaptable working, you can find a healthy pattern that suits your body clock and home life. Once you’ve found a preferred routine, you’ll be firing on all cylinders before the month’s through.


Map your progression

You need to know what lies ahead in your career. If you can’t see yourself progressing, why would you be productive?

Without knowing what’s possible, you’ll become less invested in your work – leading to fatigue and disillusion.

That’s why you should always choose a workplace that emphasises staff development. You need a roadmap for achievement in order to move onwards and upwards.


Share problems and solutions

Always try your best to be a team player.

These members of staff are liked in the office and are generally happier than those who squirrel their tasks away. Workers can also prompt one another to work harder by solving problems as a group.

That’s why the top tech companies encourage strong bonding. Socials, team incentives and regular meetings keep communication and camaraderie up.


Be healthy… inside and out

Look for health perks whenever you apply for a new role. It’s important.

Traditional office jobs can be incredibly unhealthy – with high levels of stress, little movement throughout the day, and open access to sugary snacks.

Health-conscious employers, on the other hand, create an environment that inspires hard work spent in and out of the office. Benefits like gym memberships, yoga classes and an office fruit bowl all work in tandem to promote healthy lifestyles and improve well-being.


Work somewhere that offers all the benefits above…

Here at Lennon Wright, we believe that staff are what make a business successful. That’s why we provide a fun and fulfilling working environment.

We also offer a career trajectory that gives you scope to learn and develop in a way that suits you. With Lennon Wright, you have a genuine chance to become a director in three years. We don’t just pay you a wage; we give you an opportunity to open your own mini business!

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