Hiring a Social Media Manager can be vital to the success of your business – if you are unsure whether to hire one or not, take a read…

1. You are missing important messages

The majority of messages from potential clients/customers will come straight through to your inbox however there are occasions where you will be contacted directly through social media. These messages can easily slip through the net if not caught quick enough! You might also lose the interest of potential new clients by taking too long to reply. A Social Media Manager however will be able to reply to these messages whilst on the go without you even having to think about it.

 2. Social Media is not a high priority for you

Social Media can make a huge impact to your company sales. Let’s face it – everyone is on social media nowadays (even your nan most probably!) so there is a huge pool of people out there to connect and interact with. To make it big from a start-up company in the ‘Social Media Generation’, you NEED to have active social media accounts on the main three platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). By leaving social media tasks last on your list of things to do, you are lowering your chances of being seen!

3. You’re willing to pay more for advertising

Why pay for advertising when you can do pretty much the same if not more on social media? Think about all those company tweets or Facebook posts that go viral and think about how much those companies paid? Not. A. Penny.

4. You wouldn’t consider yourself to be ‘social media savvy’

If you are sat there wondering what a hashtag is or can’t figure out how to upload photos to Instagram, it’s probably time to invest in a Social Media Manager! By hiring an experienced Social Media Expert, they will be aware of new features and special tricks to help boost your company from average to amazing in a matter of time.

 5. There is no campaign strategy in place

In order for your posts to do well, you need some sort of plan put in place every week/month. If you are starting from scratch and hire internally, the Social Media Manager will be able to take over your accounts and organise what to post and when. You would essentially sit down and discuss your needs for the business, your audience for each platform and your goals – from there a social media strategy would be put into place.