So you are on the Instagram wave and have been uploading content for a couple of months now but you feel as though you are in need of a freshen up!

Here are a few new tips to try out if you haven’t already…

1. Give Canva a try if you haven’t already!

With such a large variety of templates and designs, you will never be short of new ideas. Gone are the days where you would spend hours on Paint or Word, Canva allows you to create great visual content in seconds! Not only is Canva available online but you are also able to log in and create posts on the go with their free app.

2. Make use of highlights

Instagram allows you to make buttons easily by allowing you to save stories into ‘highlights’ that you can then rename. For example you could have a ‘Meet the Team’ button that shows all of the team one by one – when someone new joins you can simply add another story post to the highlight. When a new visitor reaches your page, they will be able to click through this.

3. Put a recent blog/YouTube post link in your bio

Most companies will just have their website in their bio however if you put up a recent blog post you have written on the website, it becomes a whole lot more interactive. Users will be directed onto an interesting article from which they can then explore instead of being directed straight to the homepage.

4. Use more videos!

Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter with so many other posts grabbing our attention on a daily basis however a moving picture/video will make a user stop scrolling – even if it is just for two seconds.

5. Upload shorter videos to IGTV

If you are an active Instagram user, you’ll probably be aware of IGTV. This extension of Instagram is a great new way to upload longer videos for your audience.