What do you like most about PHP?

So – why do I love PHP? I love the fact that PHP is a beginner-friendly language so you can start working on it right away and see immediate results but also provides you with advanced options already built into it like database support sessions and stuff like that.

PHP has been around since 1995 which means that it has proven its record and its robust system that you can use for small projects but also for enterprise-level solutions. There are a lot of jobs in PHP programming language throughout the world and many frameworks exist for PHP like Laravel or Symfony which are really good to know on the job market right now.

What advice would you give to aspiring PHP Developers?

For the newcomers, I would recommend you start small. Start at the very beginning, learn the basics of the language that you are trying to learn. Once you have mastered that, you can start thinking about switching to framework. Join various communities where you can ask questions and get mentor-ship from the senior-level programmers.

Try to built up your GitHub account, try to do small projects like small blogs, sites or eCommerce websites and put those on your GitHub account page.

That way you can show them that you did something, that you already have some experience when they try to hire you.

What are your predictions for PHP in 2019?

I think the future for PHP in 2019 looks really bright. There are a lot of companies still using PHP and the rise of PHP 7 that cuts the execution time almost in half and server cost also in half. PHP is once again rising in use and I think it’s going to stay like that for the next couple of years.

Which PHP framework are you using? 

So I have been using Laravel framework and I recommend it to everybody. Laravel is number 1 framework for PHP right now it has awesome community support, beautiful syntax, a lot of built-in functions that you don’t have to programme by yourself and it provides you with authentication. It has many many more functions and features that you can use and you can go to: www.laravel.com to check out those features.

It also has a great learning platform, Laracasts and I would recommend it to everybody that I meet.