In a sea full of LinkedIn profiles, it can be difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. In order to grab the job of your dreams, you are going to need a profile makeover to ensure that you put your best foot forward when applying for new jobs!


1. Add a professional photo

Profile photos on LinkedIn are going to be more professional than ones posted on your personal social media accounts. I would recommend dressing as if you were going into an interview. Recently graduated? Perfect! Use your graduation photo as your profile photo – this will immediately let the hiring manager know that you possess a degree.


2. Prove your skills – Add media!

Are you an aspiring journalist? Attach snippets from local newspapers that you have written for. Have you recently won certificates in your specialised field? Attach them!

Show off your skills and accomplishments – use LinkedIn as your online portfolio, who knows who will view your profile?


3. Ask for Recommendations

Connect with previous employers/co-workers and ask them for recommendations. Any hiring manager who views your profile will be able to gain a level of trust and not just “take your word” for what you have said about yourself.


4. Be Active!

Just like any other social media platform, the key to succeeding is to be active! Post your own blogs, connect with professionals in your field and interact with posts. Gradually you’ll start to notice more people wanting to reach out and connect with you.


5. Use an Eye-Catching Headline

Get creative and use a headline that’s going to make you rememberable and easy to find. If you are in the marketing industry, call yourself a “Marketing Expert” or if you work within sales, call yourself a “Sales Specialist”. By making small amendments like these, you’ll be a lot more easier to find for companies wanting to hire someone like YOU!


6. Edit your URL.

At the top of your profile you should see ‘Edit public profile and URL’. This is your chance to personalise your URL to make you easier to find through Google search results!