From our offices in USA, Germany, and the UK, Lennon Wright is changing the world of talent hiring for the better!

Looking for the perfect technical role? There are a lot of recruitment companies out there that say "we are the best". But what does that even mean? And how does that benefit you? Naturally, we can't speak for them, but what we do know is that by putting you, the talent, first, we at Lennon Wright are revolutionising the technological recruitment industry one placement at a time.   Our talent agency comprises of a small, tight-knit team. Our company size allows us to focus our attention on your specific needs and requirements. We are passionate about matching our talent to roles, and so we cherry-pick our clients, matching you to the right position, not the other way around.   We consider ourselves experts at what we do. Why? Not only are our team either computer science or technology graduates, but most of us in the team have extensive experience relocating across the globe. As our roles are in Germany, this might mean the perfect position from you is away from home. The thought of relocating can be daunting, but it needn't be. We know the pains of doing so and are here to give you plenty of help and advice, be that pertinent visa information or the best bars. After all, we're here to help you. Our tech background means that we can speak to you on a technical level and put you forward for the right roles with 100% confidence it's the best fit. Our multinational team speak over 10 languages so offer invaluable support with your job search. Why not get started today? Check out our vacancies here.

Looking for help with your hiring? There are no two ways about it. Having exceptional talent within your organisation is fundamental to your success. Growing companies aspiring for significant achievements often need a helping hand. That's where Lennon Wright come in. We aren't here to make a quick buck on a placement fee; we are long-term thinkers. That's why we partner with clients in a mutually beneficial relationship – where the client always sees results in growth, profit, and realising their business goals. Our clients range from:

  • Silicon Valley and Berlin startups;
  • Blue-chip, stock-listed corporations; and
  • Established Mittelstand organisations.

Our talent experts are specialists in their technical area and can quickly identify how to best help you. Most clients work with us because they find they waste time, money, and effort on outdated and ineffective recruitment methods. We make the talent hiring process simple and effective bespoke solutions and expert advice that enable you to exceed your business objectives. One example of our innovative thinking is our video software tool. Instead of sifting through 100s of paper CVs, instead you can see an outline of our stringent vetting process to ensure our candidate ticks the right boxes, and you can watch a simple two minute video that paints a clear picture on who you'll be interviewing, saving you time with the peace of mind you're interviewing your shortlist.   Do you want to hire the best experts in the industry? We can help! Our team come from computer science background across the globe, and so have a deep understanding of your requirements. Our multinational team speak over ten languages and are exceptionally trained to deliver you results every time. We offer companies a FREE and honest recruiting audit. Why not get yours today and try us for yourself? Contact our London, Munich, or Virginia offices today!

Great experience. I was pleasantly surprised many times by the personal and kind approach. They helped me to find a very good job.

Lead Ruby Developer, Berlin