Blockchain industry

Prepare yourself for the blockchain boom

The fate of the blockchain industry was once joined at the hip to the volatile markets of cryptocurrencies. Those days are long gone though, as blockchain has begun to grow far beyond the scope of digital currency. It’s intriguing to the leaders of every sector. Particularly the possibilities of decentralisation, which promises increased efficiency and security in a broad spectrum of industries.

Industry impact

The financial sector is not alone in exploring ways to utilise this young, emerging technology. For example, a blockchain system could solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare. Healthcare records of patients can scatter across different sources. But with blockchain, your health-records could travel with you from birth to death, accessible by doctors immediately, giving them life-saving information in an emergency.

Similarly, environmental industries like energy and water are desperate for innovation. Inefficiencies, monopolies, and even conflict riddle the sector. By removing the middleman with the power to monopolise humanities vital resources, blockchain can start to revolutionise these sectors with peer-to-peer trading and wholesale distribution.

Technical positions in demand

The demand for blockchain-related skills is high. Upwork have sited blockchain expertise as being the fastest growing skill in the US freelancer market. LinkedIn recently announced ‘Blockchain Developer’ as the biggest growing job sector in 2018. Companies are ramping up their recruitment for the following technical roles:

Blockchain developers
For ease of use and accessibility, the user interface and design of blockchain solutions need streamlining. This is the job of a blockchain developer – to consider the user experience while offering a trustless system that requires no middleman.

Blockchain quality engineer
Before released and used by businesses, governments or the general public, blockchain has to undergo rigorous testing to ensure all areas of quality. Blockchain quality engineers guide the test strategy for building this highly technical trustless system, specialising in areas like automation and development.

Blockchain project manager
This role requires a mix of both technical insight and the traditional expertise of a project manager. They are the crucial link between utilising an organisation’s business strategy using blockchain and the technical experts that design it. Breaking down complex blockchain concepts for non-technical people is a must.

Future demand for blockchain

Like every young, emerging, and potentially revolutionary technology, blockchain has got a lot of people looking to the future. As experts predict the capabilities of blockchain technology in a decade, we can also start to consider the scale of job opportunities in this sector. Will everyone have a cross-border, blockchain-based identity? Will most world trade be conducted leveraging blockchain technology?

Future possibilities are endless and entire industries are looking for fresh talent to help build blockchain into their infrastructures.

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