Cybersecurity professionals

The future needs cybersecurity professionals

With the digital era in full swing, cybersecurity is now a critical layer to any business or institution. In the same way, cybercriminals are always refining their methods or finding entirely new ways to infect IT systems. They grow smarter and more sophisticated every year. Cybersecurity professionals need to be one step ahead at all times.

Breaches to digital security can be costly and don’t discriminate. Some of the most prominent institutions and businesses have been attacked, such as US universities to eBay. The consequences of ineffective cybersecurity have created a massive demand for cybersecurity professionals – there are one million cybersecurity jobs currently unfilled. This figure is rising every day.

Although zero per cent unemployment in a field is highly desirable, it’s not the only benefit of working in cybersecurity.

The benefits of working in cybersecurity

With the incredible range of companies, institutions, or situations that deal with digital technology, cybersecurity professionals can direct their skills towards an industry of their choice.

There is no end to engagement and challenge as a cybersecurity professional. Every situation is a puzzle that needs solving. With every new wave of technology comes new situations. Your job is to identify, understand, and then address any new risks that present themselves.

For those looking to grow personally and professionally, the learning never stops. Roles and opportunities are always expanding as future demands continue to increase. Take IoT and smart cities, for example. To scale and implement this technology, cybersecurity professionals will be required in large numbers to collaborate and build solutions that don’t exist yet.

Before we adopt this vision of the future, security will have to be paramount. For instance, if control over a city’s water or energy infrastructure got into the wrong hands, the physical and social costs would be catastrophic.

Current roles

There are a wide variety of opportunities with different challenges to overcome, including:

Security analyst/consultant – It’s up to security analysts to detect and prevent cyber threats for a company or institution. This role also involves creating security measures, performing risk analysis, conducting security audits, and coordinating security plans with any digital third parties.

Incident responder – In the case of a security breach, incident responders are first on the scene and have to think fast to address a security threat or incident.

Security software developer – During the design and development process of software, their job is to integrate security into existing applications. They also design and develop specialised security software for the needs of a company or institution.

Chief information security officer (CISO) – This role is a high-level position that oversees security initiatives and operations for a company or institution.

Due to these threats, cybersecurity is going to grow in demand as our world becomes increasingly digitised. With more and more digital platforms and systems that govern our day to day lives, the number of situations, companies, and institutions demanding cybersecurity solutions will keep creating opportunities in the sector.

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