Why did you get into this career?

I’m Karolina and I work as a Senior Manager Talent Acquisition for Berlin-based company, Asana Rebel.

I started my career a couple of years ago as a Recruiter, I have to say my heart still beats very strong for Engineering Recruitment.

The reason for that is very simple. It’s just very enjoyable for me to recruit Software Engineers.

First of all I’m very fascinated by what is going on in the tech world and I can find out and expand my knowledge simply by talking to people who actually create it, who actually develop it so this is amazing!

On the other hand, I can also give back by showing them a new perspective, new career opportunities which is very enjoyable for sure.

What is the biggest challenge when recruiting for tech positions?

Tech recruitment has a reputation of being quite challenging.

What is very important is to overcome the temptation of becoming a headhunter who just simply fills the position. You have to take a step back and think about the whole situation.

Are we as a company ready and do we have enough opportunities within our organisation to help this person grow and develop? Is it going to be a really good fit? Are both sides going to be happy on a long term perspective?

This is something you have to answer before you make an offer to a candidate.

Tips for people looking for tech careers in Berlin?

For all of you who would like to start a career in tech in Berlin, I would suggest to really go offline.

Berlin is amazing because of its very vibrant tech start-up scene. It has so many meet-ups and conferences (most of them are for free!)  so just go there, you’ll meet a few developers, you can learn about the newest technologies and you can improve your skills.

On the other hand you will meet people like me who go there for the recruitment purposes and you can get your job in tech.