Are you graduating soon?

Have you graduated already?

Have you found your dream job and career you’ve worked hard towards for the last few years yet?

If so, congratulations!

If not, have you considered Recruitment?

Recruitment is the perfect career if you have an entrepreneurial outlook and strong desire to better yourself.

Our CEO, John Lennon is a good example of somebody who had not previously considered recruitment before working in the sector: “Like a lot of people in our industry, I fell into the job. I studied German at university and about 1 week before my final exams I thought ‘crap I better find a job!’. Recruitment has enabled me to own an international and successful business by the age of 25 and has taught me so much about business and life. It’s the best job in the world.”

Recruitment consultants come from all walks of life – some started as apprentices, some are former teachers, some are maths graduates and some are ex-athletes. The beauty of our industry is that there is no blueprint of what makes a good recruitment consultant.


  • high motivation to succeed
  • strong work ethic
  • a positive mindset
  • resilience
  • willingness to learn

These are not “skills” per se, rather characteristics and as such, are difficult to learn!

If you are not motivated, willing to work hard and struggle to maintain a positive mindset in the face of a shitload of adversity, you will likely find a job in recruitment not only very hard but also totally unrewarding – quite simply, it’s not for you.

Which is fine. In fact, very few people tick all the above boxes.

But the ones who do become super successful in an industry with limitless potential.

Those who apply themselves and make it their mission to learn from their peers and seek continuous improvement will enjoy fruitful careers in an industry that offers rewards not available to most.

Everyone knows about the financial rewards in recruitment (yes it is possible to earn over £100,000 in year 1 without prior experience!) but what is often overlooked is the skills that you develop and the opportunities open to you.

  • How many 23 year old Sales directors do you know?
  • How many people earn upwards of £60,000 in their first year in their first job, aged just 18?
  • How many people are given real responsibility so early on in their careers?
  • How many people can genuinely claim to take near-100% ownership of the work they do?
  • What other industries can offer someone who has been homeless the chance to vastly improve their health, wealth and wellbeing?
  • How many people actually get to control their own destiny in their current job?
  • How many jobs enable you to make a difference to people’s lives, whilst also vastly improving your own?

Recruitment offers all of the above and more.

At Lennon Wright, we are firm believers that recruitment is the best job in the world.

Recruitment receives a bad press sometimes. Some of that criticism is warranted. Crucially, however, when recruitment is done right it offers a genuinely valuable service offering to companies that need help, and changes the lives of those looking for work.

So why not jump aboard the recruitment train? You’ll have fun, challenge yourself, make friends for life and learn so much about yourself, business and life.

You’ll work with CEOs of major international companies, you’ll help people find their dream jobs, you’ll enable yourself to enjoy life and experience things you never thought possible and… you’ll be part of the best industry in the world!

Lennon Wright’s London HQ is currently hiring Account Managers, Business Development Consultant’s, Delivery Consultants and is also accepting applications for their Apprenticeship Scheme.

Interested? Contact Sophie @ [email protected]