It’s a fair point that Recruitment can be a fairly high-pressure job.

Targets, a hugely competitive industry, constant change and many many “no’s” on a daily basis can all add up – burnout is common in our industry and it’s easy for recruitment professionals to allow their health to take a backseat in the quest for success.

Lennon Wright was founded with a clear goal of creating a Company that upheld high standards and high quality, but also ensuring the happiness of our staff, by creating a truly collaborative and supportive environment.

Michelle Flynn visited the London HQ in April to deliver an afternoon talk on “Health and Wellness”.

There are plenty of fitness and health experts around, but Michelle’s story and background in Recruitment means that her insight and advice is not only unique, but incredibly valuable to our team of consultants.

“Michelle was engaging, funny and explained things in a simple and relatable manner!” Mike Sharpe, Team USA.

Michelle has lived and breathed the job for many years, she knows how tough it is and she knows how easy it can be to let things slide. Michelle is now trained as a Health Coach and offers her services to individuals looking to improve their lives by eating better, managing stress and making positive changes to their daily routines. She also advises businesses and gives talks to teams across the UK around the same subjects.

There were sceptics amongst the Lennon Wright team before Michelle arrived – some of the team were not looking forward to being told to “eat more fruit and veg” or to try meditation, or be told the same things they already know.

Within minutes, the team found themselves engaged with Michelle whose natural charisma and passion is infectious. The team saw real value in Michelle’s experience as a Recruiter and they spent the entire session engaged in an animated, informed and entertaining discussion.

“Michelle was easily able to get through to the team and quickly blew away any scepticism held by the guys. It’s easy to see how she has built up such a top-notch career in recruitment and is already making waves in the health space. I’d 100% recommend companies to invest in bringing Michelle in – she will bring value to your team and help you guys to identify areas they can look at to improve their health and happiness.” John Lennon, CEO

Michelle’s talk covered what she calls the “6 core principles of a happy, healthy life” – they are; stress, food, feet (movement), sleep, stimulants and love. Our team left the talk with ideas aplenty and had already started implementing new ideas as soon as Michelle walked out the door.

The results we have seen since Michelle visited include:

  • Less coffee consumed by the team!
  • More (good quality) sleep
  • More exercise (Mike and Sonny now play squash most mornings!)
  • Not overworking
  • Fresh fruit in the office (and actually being eaten for once!)
  • More home cooking

We want to give a HUGE thank you to Michelle for coming in and opening our eyes. We will be seeing you again soon.