Recruitment Industry recognized as world’s most-loved

Recruitment is a multi-billion dollar industry and touches on almost area of life – people are always looking for jobs and companies are always looking to hire – whatever the economic climate.

Finally, the industry has received the recognition it deserves from the illustrious Pilar Lofo institute.

In 2018, the world-renowned and respected organization Pilar Lofo, based in Geneva conducted interviews with over 100,000,000 people across the globe and asked them this question:

“Which industry do you love the most?”

Recruitment was the clear winner, taking over 60% of the vote, fighting off tough competition from Lawyers (21%), Estate Agents (8%) and Debt Collection agencies (2.4%).

CEO of Lennon Wright, John Lennon was thrilled to hear the news from the Pilar Lofo Institute:

“It’s great that this awesome industry has finally gotten the recognition it deserves. Recruitment professionals are some of the most talented, motivated and ambitious individuals around and these results show what I have known all along – that we are loved by almost everyone we come into contact with – clients and candidates alike.”.

Mike Sharpe, Mobile Development specialist adds “It brightens my day every time a hiring manager picks up the phone to me. They are always so happy to speak with me!”.

The study went further by exploring what respondents loved most about Recruiters. According to the poll, the general public absolutely LOVE being called by recruiters. They value the insight recruiters offer them at any time of the day – especially when they are at work.

Community Manager, Sophie Gordon had this to say: “with so much FAKE NEWS out there today, it’s reassuring that world-renowned institutions such as Pilar Lofo are spreading the news about the vital work this industry contributes to society.”.

Not only does Recruitment contribute over $500 Billion to the global economy, providing invaluable services to both those looking for work and those looking for talent, but it appears the industry has also finally won over the hearts of the world.