Since our inception in 2015, we have spoken to over 100,000 candidates looking for work across the EU and USA. We estimate that almost 50% of those candidates have been open to relocation to another city or country.

We have helped hundreds of people to make the (sometimes) difficult process of navigating through the masses of information, to make sure that the people we work with receive the best advice and find themselves in the best situation they possibly can be in.

In an increasingly globalised World, many people are now open-minded about relocating for a great job.

At Lennon Wright, we always try to understand what the main motivation is for somebody looking for a new job, it tends to fall in 3 major categories:

  • Job – (Are you changing jobs to improve your career/ get a more challenging/ more senior role?
  • Money – is money your main motivator?
  • Location – Are you wanting to move to a particular city/country?

We often find that LOCATION is the most important thing to consider – you can be offered the best job in the World, with the highest salary, but if the job is not in the right location, you will never accept it!

Our teams in Richmond, VA, London and Munich include:

  • 2 British guys who have moved across the pond to our Richmond office.
  • A French national who has lived in Thailand, China and various parts of the UK before settling in London.
  • A Romanian lady who has been in the UK for 4 years.
  • An English guy who competed internationally as a swimmer and who lived in California for 3 years before returning to the UK.
  • Our 2 Directors have also spent time abroad. Robert lived in Frankfurt during the early days of his recruitment career, whilst John studied in Vienna and lived in both Munich and Berlin.
  • It’s fair to say that we understand how difficult it is to plan a relocation process!

Key points to consider when relocating:

  • Why do you want to move? Ask yourself this question – do you have friends/ relatives in certain locations, do you want to move to another country because it offers more security, or because there are more opportunities there? Consider your key motivations as to why you want to relocate.
  • Is it realistic that you will move? Have you discussed with family, friends, partners? In most cases, of course, this will be something you have planned for a long time, but do consider not only the impact of you having to maybe leave friends and family behind, but also the impact on anyone you may be leaving behind.
  • Have you carried out your research? Are you aware of local trends, way of life, average salaries, cost of living (apartments / travel etc), language requirements, visa requirements etc? These are things that you should ideally know before you start looking at moving.
  • Have you carried out GOOD research? Our team speaks to many candidates who use cost of living comparison websites, which although give an indication of relative cost, do however seem to offer overinflated estimates. Speak to the experts – speak to friends who are already there, speak to visa experts, speak to recruiters – a good recruiter will know the answer to any questions you may have.
  • Are you realistic about the complexities of the relocation process? Have you considered the cost of relocating, the logistical operation, the length of time necessary to move, visa requirements?
  • Are you looking for contract / permanent jobs? Contract jobs offer short term opportunities, permanent jobs will require permanent / long-term relocation.

Relocating to another country can be one of the most rewarding and life-changing things you may ever do. It opens doors not only for working opportunities but allows one to discover new cultures and ways of doing things and in most cases is the start of a successful new chapter in life.

Have any questions about ANY aspect of relocating? We are experts in helping people move seamlessly across countries and continents. We can offer impartial and trusted advice on matters ranging from Visa issues to restaurant recommendations. Our teams in London (+44 (0) 203 146 8757), Munich (+49(0) 89 205 008 5234) and Richmond (+1(0) 804 327 6836) are here to answer your questions.