Tech Meetup in Munich, Germany

On 13th March 2019, several members of our London team (John and Khalifa) packed their bags and boarded a flight to Munich to join their Munich counterparts (Roxi and Faisal) for the Tech Meetup event the following day. Usama even made the journey from our Richmond, Virginia office!

The event, held at the SmartVillage centre in Central Munich, was an extra exciting event for Lennon Wright as it gave us the chance to network and meet some of the finest Tech professionals from all over Germany who were looking for new positions within the industry.

The team arrived early at 6pm after a total of 19 meetings between the 5 team members since 9am that day. After taking an hour to prepare and set up their stall (and nearly burning the venue down with our famous popcorn machine!), the team were ready to meet the candidates and clients who had crowded into the venue.

As soon as the doors opened, the room started filling up quickly as candidates gathered around various stands. Over 300 people came through the doors that evening, so the team go their heads down and spent the next 2 and a half hours working hard to speak to work the room.

Our CEO, John Lennon had a fantastic time at the event and had this to say: “We were one of the busiest exhibitors which was a real success for us. Our team worked so hard and did an incredible job networking and flying the flag for Lennon Wright. I left the event feeling accomplished and a little tired, but very proud of what the guys achieved.”.

Our brightly coloured blue and yellow stand featured a popcorn machine with free goodies for all! The sky was the limit with pens, stress balls, chocolates, sweets and notepads available for everyone we met – but the real stars of the show were our popular Power Banks and CodeFather T.Shirts (these went down a treat!)

“It was the first time I’ve visited a tech meet up in Germany and it certainly won’t be the last. It was super busy and really fun, everyone was talented and shared a lot of ideas into the tech industry. If I could, I would go to one every day!” Usama Ibram, VP Talent at Lennon Wright

The team were busy and active all night talking to candidates from start to finish making us one of the busiest stands at the event. This was particularly exciting for the team as the other exhibitors included some of the best Tech companies in Munich – Wirecard, Wagawin, Motius, DataGuard and 3D Excite to name a few.

“It was an experience to savour, I met some really great candidates and the atmosphere was buzzing! Now I’ve been to one I can’t get enough of it and I am already planning for the next one” Faisal Amejee, Talent Expert at Lennon Wright

The evening wrapped up at around 9:30pm and was a great success from our end! We managed to speak to over 150+ candidates and received over 100 CVs from quality candidates which far exceeded our wildest expectations.

We are currently working with many of the candidates from the Tech Meetup now to help find them the job of their dreams, we can’t wait for the next one!