Whether you are out of work or currently in employment looking to leave your current position, finding a new job can be a tricky task!

Especially when you don’t know where to start – here are a few tips to help get you started…

Give your CV a makeover!

You want to give the best version of yourself to future employers, so why not start by transforming your CV? Re-word or even re-write paragraphs, change the design and explain your previous positions in as much detail as you can. Once you have a fresh new CV to begin your job search, you will feel a lot more confident!

Have you ever considered making a video CV? Technology is giving us the opportunity to stand out from a sea of CVs – try something new!

Perfect your online presence

Social media plays a huge part in the hiring process, it builds up a picture of a future candidate and can be damaging to your application if an employer finds something inappropriate that you have posted.  To play it safe, make sure all of your social media accounts are set to private. If you don’t wish to do this, make sure that the content your posting is appropriate. LinkedIn is a great way to set yourself aside from other candidates by presenting a professional image.

Get Networking!

If you are a people person, chances are you are going to know someone with a job opening. It could be a friend of a friend’s cousin that holds the perfect job! Get socialising, attend networking events and even pop along to job fairs as you will be able to interact a face to face.

Have a clear understanding of your skillset

All of us have different talents and skills! Do you enjoy interacting with people? Are you organised? Can you adapt to different situations? Are you great with numbers? Let the employer know on your CV!


Not only is volunteering a great way to get out there and meet new people, it looks great on your CV whilst you are out of work. There are always opportunities to volunteer locally – look around your area, speak to people and offer a hand!

Don’t give up! Job hunting is notoriously difficult, especially in this candidate- driven market so keep going! You will find your dream job in no time.