Each year in the UK, The Mental Health Foundation aim to raise awareness for mental health conditions – a subject that still has a stigma even today!

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place Monday 13th – Friday 19th of May of this year. The theme this year is based around body image and how it can affect your mental state.

A survey carried out by the Mental Health Foundation this year showed that one in five UK adults have felt shame because of their body image in the last year.

With a growing pressure to look a certain way through social media platforms, face tuning apps and photo-shopped photos – it’s no wonder we have all felt a bit insecure at some stage in our lives.

“One in five UK adults said images on social media has caused them to worry about their body image” (Mental Health Foundation, 2019)

Not only can body image affect the way you see yourself, it can affect your behaviour, your eating habits and your relationships.

“The good news is that we can tackle body image through what children are taught in schools, by the way we talk about our bodies on a daily basis and through policy change by governments across the UK” (Mental Health Foundation)

So how can you get involved in spreading awareness?

If you are in a bad mental state, don’t suffer in silence as there is always help available!