Munich’s economy is thriving – and the tech scene in particular has enjoyed a considerable boom in recent years.

The capital of Bavaria has become a hub for the modern Mittelstand, with hundreds of jobs available across critical (software development, programming, systems engineering) and emerging tech (DevOps, artificial intelligence, data science).

If you want a fulfilling career in tech, look no further. But what else makes Munich the world’s fourth most desirable place to live?

A cleaner, safer, greener city

Munich is a bit of an anomaly. Unlike your average city, it doesn’t have worryingly high crime rates, lines of filthy streets or clusters of vandalised buildings. In fact, it’s one of the safest, cleanest and most attractive cities on the planet.

It’s also refreshingly green, with a number of huge parks spanning the region. The morning jogs here are amazing.

What’s more, the stunning Bavarian mountains are less than an hour away by train, making it a perfect place for trekkers and skiers.

Plenty of things to do

Bavaria is always buzzing during the autumn, as global visitors flood to the city for Oktoberfest. But when you become a local, you’ll realise just how much fun lies beyond these rowdy, colourful celebrations.

Munich offers much to explore in terms of food, drink and culture – with hundreds of fine restaurants, beautiful beer halls and magnificent museums all ready and waiting.

Great public transport links

Munich boasts an extensive, reliable public transportation system that gives locals a quick, easy and affordable way to travel across the city.

Among the options are an underground subway (known as the ‘U-Bahn’), a train system (‘S-Bahn’), and a wider network of buses and trams that trundle above ground.

It’s definitely a big advantage having so many reliable ways to get from A to B.

Develop your tech career in Munich 

It’s no coincidence that Munich’s population is becoming more multicultural by the day. International workers are realising the benefits of relocating to this southern corner of Germany to pursue a career in tech. With the right support, this could be the place to enjoy an exciting new chapter of your life.

Lennon Wright specialise in the German tech recruitment market, matching talented people to roles where they can really flourish. We place candidates all over the world, but we hold particularly strong ties to Munich.

To learn more about jobs in Munich, simply get in touch with us through our contact page. Our helpful, multilingual team can tell you everything you need to know about the Bavarian tech scene and reveal which roles are available.