At the beginning of April, our UK team were graced by the presence of the man, the myth, the legend – Trevor Pinder.

If you do not know who Trevor is – where have you been for the last 22 years?

There are lots of Sales trainers out there, and plenty of recruitment-specific trainers, but none come close to Trevor.

Trev’s most recent visit was his fourth of the year – a testament to how good he is. His ability to engage, motivate and educate really resonates with our team, so why wouldn’t we get Trevor in again and again and again?

Trevor has 22+ years of experience in the Recruitment industry and it shows. He brings a real wealth of experience, ideas and talent from a varied career in the industry. It’s not just Trevor’s experience that makes him the best Trainer around, it’s also the fact that he is still a recruiter.

He still recruits day-in day-out. If you have ever worked in Sales you have all met a Sales Manager who will tell his or her team tales of their past glories… “I remember when I did was a Consultant, we didn’t even have a computer nevermind Linkedin!” comes to mind. Trevor provides our team with up-to-date, relevant and emerging info, ideas and advice that really works.

Contract Consultant Faisal Amejee saw particular benefit from Trevor’s visit and expertise in contract Recruitment:

“What Trevor offers is truly priceless! His charisma and positive attitude really bring out the best in us and keeps us engaged, he understands what it’s like to work in recruitment. Most importantly the knowledge he shares is worth its weight in Bitcoin and I couldn’t recommend a better trainer than the man Trev himself!”

It’s fair to say that aside from his skills and experience, he is one of the nicest men in Recruitment. Trevor is always happy to advise and give a helping hand, and lend an ear to any issues or questions any of the team has. He’s genuinely interested in hearing about how each of our team is doing and he is hilarious to be around.

US Mobile specialist Mike Sharpe flew over from our Richmond office to see Trevor in action for the first time: “The engagement that Trevor brings out of not only myself, but the whole team, is unparalleled. He is very down to earth and is able to easily communicate the ideas and principles he has picked up through his many years of experience.”

EU Frontend Specialist Khalifa Salim added: “Trevor Pinder = good energy. I have truly learnt a lot since Trevor has been visiting the office, I have developed professionally and personally. I cannot wait to implement his techniques and see the results, for sure I’m looking forward to him visiting again soon!”.

Trevor is scheduled to come in again a further 5 times in 2019, and owner and director, John Lennon sees the investment and benefit as a no-brainer.

“I have never seen a Sales trainer who can engage as well as Trevor does. He makes his training light-hearted yet completely serious and effective. Trevor backs up 22 years of experience with current knowledge and insight as well as somebody who is genuinely likeable and able to engage with sales consultants in various ways. Trevor brightens up our office every time he comes in and I look forward to his next visit – he will be back!”.

We’re already looking forward to his next visit – he is kicking off our H2 on July 1st with a full-day workshop – we cant wait!